Please complete this form in its entirety, including the payment portion, to be considered for residence at Farmingdale Townhouses. Every applicant 18 years or older must fill out a separate application. The application fee is $50.

Resident Selection Criteria

Farmingdale Townhouses is an equal opportunity housing provider that does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status, handicap, or any other class protected by the applicable law. We provide housing to all prospective residents who meet our resident screening criteria regardless of source of funds.

Source of Funds: Employment and any other source of funds will be verified

  • Total income must meet community’s minimum requirement of (2 ½) times the rental amount.
  • Must be at job (6) months or transferring to same field w/ acceptance letter
  • Copy of pay stub/source of funds at application and lease signing
  • Military must have copies of LES
  • Retirees must provide source of funds through bank statements
  • Self employed must provide source of funds by 1-2 years of federal tax returns

Credit: A credit report will be processed through a third party provider. All applicants 18 years of age and older must be a leaseholder.

  • A leasing score of (421-800) that is fully approved will receive all security deposit specials.
  • A leasing score of (401-421) that is approved w/conditions, will be required to pay higher deposit (1-2) month’s rent and /or co-signer.
  • A leasing score of (200-400) will be declined 

Background: A criminal background search will be conducted through a third party provider which shall review multi-state public records.

Rental History: Confirmation of positive rental history is required. The absence of rental history may require a security deposit/Co-Signer.

Note: All fields are required. Please enter “none” or “N/A” where no information is available.